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7th Grade Social Studies Homework Assignments

Due FRIday, January 12, 2007


I.  Colonial Life Test – on Wednesday for 703 and Friday for 701

Make sure that you bring your notebook in on the day of the test, because I will be grading them.  Study every day and pay attention to the review, and you will be completely prepared for the test.  The short answer question topics will be Colonial education, Colonial punishment, and/or slavery in the Colonies. Make sure you have studied these topics.


II.  Test Review Part 1 – Fill in the Blank Questions

Globe Fearon American History – pp. 88-109 – Review all vocabulary, starred questions, and all of the questions in the Chapter Review on pp. 108-109.  Fill in the blanks of the following sentences using the words/phrases below.  Write your answers on a separate sheet of loose-leaf paper.


University of Pennsylvania                Enlightenment                                    tar

religion                                                slavery                                                Puritans

Southern colonies                               trade

Great Awakening                               Navigation Acts


1.  The ______ were a series of laws passed by the English government to limit colonial trade.

2.  The first nonreligious college to be established in the colonies was the _____.

3.  The product of ____ was made in North Carolina and used to waterproof ships.

4.  The Great Awakening movement caused many people to join a _____ for the first time.

5.  The _____ set up both primary and secondary schools in their towns to teach students to be good Christians.

6.  Most enslaved Africans in the American colonies lived in plantations in the _____.

7.  The mercantile system is based upon the idea that a country becomes wealthy through _____.

8.  One of the effects of the ____ was that it helped to unify the colonies because people everywhere took part in it.

9.  A major difference between the economies of the New England and Southern colonies was _____. 

10.  John Locke was a leader of the _____ in Europe. 


III.  Test Review Part 2 – True or False Questions

Indicate whether the following statements are true or false on a separate sheet of loose-leaf paper.  You do not have to copy to the question or write in complete sentences.

1.  There were no nonreligious colleges in the American colonies.

2.  All African people living in the colonies were enslaved.

3.  The shipbuilding industry never thrived in the port cities of the New England colonies.

4.  Some American colonists refused to follow the trade regulations of the Navigation Acts.

5.  African people who completed the voyage to the Americas were sold to plantation owners or other slave traders.

6.  Some colonial women assisted their husbands in the family business.

7.  Colonial newspapers were tightly controlled by the British government.

8.  The harsh climate and poor soil in the Middle colonies made farming difficult.

9.  The Middle colonies had good relations with Native Americans.


IV.  Test Review Part 3 – Multiple Choice

Use your old homework sheets to answer the following questions.  On a separate sheet of loose-leaf paper, number your page and put the letter of the correct answer next to the number of the question.  You do not have to copy the question or write in complete sentences, but you do need to answer the questions on a separate sheet of paper.  Don’t turn this page in!