7th Grade Social Studies Homework Assignments

Due Friday, May 18, 2007


I.Unit Test (703-Wednesday, 701X-Thursday, and 701-Friday)

You will have a test on the Constitution at your last class meeting for this week.Remember to study!


II.The Constitution at Work Ė Review Test

You will not get credit for incorrect responses.


III.Your Social Studies Exit Project is Due on May 18th

Use the checklist below to track your progress on your project.


I will have completed all of the formatting requirements of the Exit Project if I include a/an:


q       Coversheet

(I need to include my projectís name, my name, my class, the date Iím turning it in, Social Studies Exit Project, and Ms. Tennant on my coversheet.)


q       Introduction


q       Major writing piece

(essay or creative Ė at least a page and a half long)


q       Conclusion


q       Pictures or photos or other visual/artistic representations of my topic with captions


q       Properly formatted bibliography

on a separate sheet of paper


q       My file of research and note taking