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7th Grade Social Studies Homework Assignments

Due Friday, OCTOBER 13, 2006


I.  Test on the Iroquois on October 17th (or the 19th for 706)

Begin to review for your test.  Don’t forget to bring your notebook to class on the day of the Test!


II.  Hiawatha and the Iroquois Confederacy – Read the passage below.

Using what you have just read, answer the following questions on a separate piece of paper.

1.  Who was with Hiawatha when he addressed the five nations into a confederacy?

2.  What were two reasons that Hiawatha wanted to join the five nations together?

3.  Was Hiawatha’s speak successful?  How do your know this?


III.  Test Review

Below are some questions about the Iroquois culture. On a separate sheet of paper write the letter of the best answer next to the number of the question.


1.  Ms. Tennant’s father is the head of her family.  Ms. Tennant’s family is

a.  matriarchal

b.  patriarchal

c.  matrilineal

d.  patrilineal


2.  The Iroquois lived and live in what is now called

a.  New York State

b.  Rhode Island

c.  Antarctica

d.  Virginia


3.  Who is the famous Onondaga chief who united the five tribes of the Iroquois?

a.  Corn Planter

b.  Red Jacket

c.  Chingy

d.  Hiawatha


4.  Who chose the Iroquois sachem?

a.  children

b.  men

c.  women

d.  animals


5.  Which of the following did the Europeans not introduce to the Iroquois?

a.  guns

b.  wampum

c.  whiskey

d.  iron


6.  Which of the following is not an Iroquois clan name?

a.  beaver

b.  African elephant

c.  wolf

d.  deer


7.  Wampum beads were made out of

a.  rocks and twigs

b.  turtle shells

c.  eggshells

d.  clamshells


8.   The Iroquois believed there should be ____ in nature.

a.  balance

b.  turtles

c.  small little red furry things

d.  cacti


9.  Iroquois were also known as the Haudenosaunee, the people of the

a.  corn

b.  woodlands

c.  longhouse

d.  wampum


10.  Corn, beans, and squash, a combination known as the ______, were a sacred source of nutrition for the Iroquois tribes.

a.  three kings

b.  delicious duo

c.  three sisters

d.  turtle soup