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7th Grade Social Studies Homework Assignments

Due Friday, November 3, 2006


I.  Culture of the Iroquois Unit Test Coversheet

Your Culture of the Iroquois Unit Test has been returned to you.  You must have the coversheet signed and return it to Ms. Tennant.


II. The Voyage of Change

Read the handout, “Highlights in American History – The Voyage of Change” given out in class (attached at the bottom of this webpage).  Answer the following questions in complete sentences on a separate sheet of paper.


1.  What was Columbus and his men looking for when they found the islands off the coast of the Americas?


2.  What kinds of products was Columbus seeking when he started his journey?


3.  According to legend, who was the first European to set foot on North America?


4.  What technological innovations made it possible for Europeans to travel the great distances needed to cross the Atlantic Ocean?


5.  Who does the article mention as having the idea that the earth is round?


6.  Why were European rulers interested in expanding the power and influence of their new nations?


7.  Who gave Columbus the money to make his travels to the “Indies?”


8.  What was the date of Columbus’ arrival at “San Salvador?”


9.  What did Native Americans have to trade?  What did they get in return from the Europeans?


10.  How did the Europeans find workers for their plantations?


11.  What animals did the Europeans bring to the Native Americans?


12.  The interaction between Europeans and Native Americans at Christopher Columbus’ time is known as the Columbian Exchange.  What were three good things and three bad things that came from this exchange?


III. Explorer Unit Group Book Project

By the end of the week (November 3), no excuses, you must turn in your independent research for your group book project page.  You should have at least a page of Cornell Notes, research from the Internet, an outlined plan of what your page will show, or some other substantial evidence of individual work.  I will return these on Monday, November 6th (or earlier if I have the time).  This assignment will be graded independently of the rest of this homework page.