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7th Grade Social Studies Homework Assignments

Due Friday, November 10, 2006


I. & II. Explorer Unit Group Book Project – Due November 8th

Your Explorer Group Book Project is due on November 8th, no excuses. Your page is YOUR responsibility.  I’m giving you two assignment’s worth of homework time that you can devote to your project.


III.  Exploration Unit Topic Review

Number a separate sheet of loose-leaf paper 1–8.  Use pages 24-45 in your American History textbook to find the answers to the following questions.   Write the letter of the correct answer on the line next to the number of the question on your loose-leaf paper.


1.  Christopher Columbus did not know about the existence of _____ before his voyage in 1492.

A.     Genoa

B.     Asia

C.     the Americas

D.     colonies


2.   What other European countries besides Spain were exploring routes to east Asia?

A.     France

B.     Portugal

C.     England

D.     all of these choices


3.  Asian goods were valuable, because

A.    they were all made of solid gold

B.    they were not easy to get

C.     they were superior to the bads

D.     they came from America


4.  Why did Europeans want to find a sea route to Asia?

A.     Land routes were long and difficult

B.     Trade between the East and the West through the Mediterranean was controlled, in part, by Genoa.

C.     Trade between the East and the West through the Mediterranean was controlled, in part, by Venice.

D.     all of the above


5.  Portugal became the leader in trade with Asia by

A.     inviting Prince Henry to study geography in 1419

B.     winning vicious sea battles with the pirates in the Mediterranean

C.     trading from barges on the waters off of the coast of Japan

D.     pioneering an all-water route to Asia around Africa


6.  A Northwest Passage was important to Europeans, because it would

A.  make trade with Asia easier

B.  make colonies in the Americas easier to settle

C.  provide a safer route to Africa

D.  provide a place for Indians to live


7.  Within 100 years of being conquered by Spain, more than 90% of the Native Americans in Mexico had died from

A.  torture

B.  sorrow

C.  war

D.  diseases


8.  One of the products that went from the Americas to Africa, Asia, and Europe was

A.  chocolate

B.  horses

C.  coffee

D.  sugar cane