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7th Grade Social Studies Homework Assignments

Due Friday, November 17, 2006


Don’t forget to study!  701 has a quiz on our exploration unit on Tuesday, and

703 has a quiz on the exploration unit on Wednesday!


I. Explorer Unit Project Page – Due November 17th

Each student must complete one page for the explorer project book.  I will assemble the best from each class to create a book.  It is a portfolio assignment and will be graded as a test.  It is due on November 17th, no excuses or exceptions.  Use the checklist below to guide you.

q       My page contains researched information about the age of exploration, and I use my own words in my writing.

q       My page is two sided, and my loose-leaf pages and pictures are neatly mounted on construction paper.

q       My page contains one paragraph of writing on each side or two paragraphs total. 

q       Even if both sides contain maps or pictures, I have provided at least a paragraph of writing that goes along with the maps or pictures.


This is no longer a group project, and so you will receive an individual achievement grade.  

Research on the Internet is strongly encouraged.


II.  Imports of Gold and Silver from New Spain and Peru


Answer the following questions on a separate sheet of paper.

1.  What was the value of Spain’s imports of gold and silver from New Spain and Peru during the period 1540-1550?

2.  From 1586-1590?

3.  From this chart what might you infer about the causes of Spain’s colonization of South America?


III.  The Aztec Reaction

This picture was drawn by an Aztec shortly after the Spanish conquest.


Answer the following questions on a separate sheet of paper.

1.  Name two activities that the Spaniards expected the Aztec to do for them.

2.  How does the last scene on the bottom right show a reason for the Spanish conquest of Mexico?


IV.  Jamestown Dreams and Realities


Answer the following questions on a separate sheet of paper.

1.  State one way “Dreams of Riches” is different from “Realities of Jamestown.”

2.  State one reason why the colonists suffered as they tried to adapt to their new environment.