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8th Grade Social Studies Homework Assignments

Due Friday, March 16, 2007


Text Box: DON’T FORGET!  The written part of your Exit Project is due at the end of the month, March 30!I. Map and Cartoon Skills


1.  What is the topic of this map?          ________________________________________________


2.  About what time period does this map give us information?   ________________________


3.  Label the timeline below with information from this map:








4.  What do we call the man in the cartoon?      __________________________________________


5.  What is he doing?    ____________________________________________________________


6.  What do you think that this cartoonist is saying about America?       





II.  Exit Project Reminder!!!

The written part of your Exit Project is due on March 30th, NO EXCEPTIONS!  Use the Exit Project handout and our discussions in class to guide you.  You should be doing research and writing EVERY DAY!


III.  The Monroe Doctrine

Based on the reading above, answer the following questions:


1.  What did James Monroe state in 1823?       __________________________________________




2.  Why did Britain “quietly back” the Monroe Doctrine?  _______________________________




IV.  Chart Skills


In what year were the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans joined?         ____________________________________