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8th Grade Social Studies Homework Assignments

Due Friday, March 23, 2007



Exit Projects…Exit Projects…Oh what fun!  Exit Projects!


Your primary goal this week is to make significant progress on your Exit Project Written Component.  You must establish your topic if you haven’t already (topics were due on March 2nd); locate at least three sources for your research: and submit your preliminary bibliography.  If none of that makes sense now, trust me, by the end of the week it will.   Remember, you must do EVERY STEP to succeed, and I know you will!




I.  Bibliography Format Practice

Create a correctly formatted bibliographic entry for your textbook using the examples distributed in class.  If you have a topic that is covered anywhere in the textbook, you must make an entry that applies to your specific topic and research question.










II.  Preliminary Bibliography

Submit a properly formatted bibliography with at least three sources of information.  You may use your textbook as one source.  You will probably want to use the Internet for at least one of your sources.  Make sure you follow the directions closely for documenting these sources.


III. & IV.  Research and Writing

A bibliography is not the whole story.  You must be taking notes and organizing your thoughts.  Your paper should demonstrate your ability to follow directions given about format, your organization skills in writing, your personal understanding of your topic’s historical impact (ESP – economic, social, and political), your research skills, and your ability to communicate about the major issues of social studies.  See your rubric for details.  Go for it!