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8th Grade Social Studies Homework Assignments

Due Friday, OCTOBER 13, 2006


I.  Study for your Causes of the Civil War Unit Test

You will have a “Causes of the Civil War Unit Test” on Friday, October 13th.  Make sure you know all of the terms on the Social Studies 8th Grade Word Wall and review all of the recent homework sheets and Chapter 16 in your Globe Fearon American History textbook, pages 378-403. 

Don’t forget to bring your notebook to class on test day for a notebook check!


II.  Test Review I


Text Box: Compromise of 1850	Fugitive Slave Act	spiritual
“conductors”	Missouri Compromise	Uncle Tom’s Cabin
Dred Scott	slave codes
Match each description with its vocabulary in the Word Bank below.  Write the correct word or phrase on a separate sheet of paper next to the number of the matching clue.





___________1.)  case in which the decision stated that slaves were property and could be taken anywhere by their owners


___________2.)  a religious song through which slaves expressed their beliefs


___________3.)  novel that helped people understand that slavery was a social problem


___________4.)  the law requiring Northerners to capture escaped slaves and return them to slaveholders in the South


___________5.)  men and women who helped and guided runaways on the Underground Railroad


___________6.)  laws that limited the rights of enslaved African Americans



___________7.)  a plan that included admitting California into the Union as a free state


___________8.)  plan that maintained the balance of power between the North and the South


III.  Test Review II

Copy the sentences and fill in the blanks on a separate sheet of paper.  Use your handouts, your textbook, and your notes from class to fill in the blanks using key vocabulary words, topics, and concepts.


1.  People who wanted to get rid of slavery were called ___________.


2.  The plan to allow each territory to vote on slavery was known as ___________.


3.  Having a strong loyalty to a particular region of the country is known as ___________.


4.  The ___________ provided that Kansas and Nebraska territories were open to slaveholding.


5.  John Brown captured the federal ___________ in Harpers Ferry, Virginia, where weapons were stored.


6.  ___________ was the name of an abolitionist newspaper that was published by William Lloyd Garrison.


7.  Frederick ___________ was the name of the former slave who wrote a famous autobiography.



III.  Harriet Tubman  1820(?)-1913