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8th Grade Social Studies Homework Assignments

Due Friday, December 8, 2006


I. Study for your Test on Reconstruction on Wednesday!

It will cover pages 430-449 in your Globe Fearon Amerian History textbook. Make sure your have reviewed the Chapter 18 Review Section on pages 448-449 in your textbook and studied all of your homework sheets.


II. Farming on the Great Plains


III. American Buffalo



IV. Your Exit Project Decision Making Sheet is Due Next Friday, December 15th

You should pick a topic that is interesting to you so that you will enjoy working on the project over many weeks. Your job, at this stage, is to go to the library or research on the computer and read about as many interesting things as you can think of, so that you can pick a good topic.


You must follow directions! Each step in your Exit Project process is important and will be monitored and graded. You will be expected to produce a project that meets the state standards for analysis, writing, and presentation. If you follow directions and turn in all of the assignments when they are due, the project will be easier and more manageable. Remember this project is a promotional requirement! Do not risk your graduation by not following directions!